Ferguson was an irreverent genius, a consistent and consistently surprising comic who took the genre’s tiresome format and threw it out the window. He had no in-house band. He had no in-house announcer. His co-host was a robot. His monologues eschewed weak and easy one-liners, focusing instead on anecdotal digressions and slice-of-life observations. Above all, his Late Late Show was informed by a unique kindness, vulnerability, and sense of perspective. Never was that more evident than in one of his best openings, when he refused to skewer Britney Spears and other embattled celebrities given his own struggles with alcoholism and depression.
Other openings, like his famed eulogy to his father, also struck a nerve with audiences. These confessional moments made Ferguson, more than any other host, a friend to his viewers. He took the same approach with his guests: he never prepared questions for them, preferring to naturally unearth their interests and ideas. That improvisational method was especially refreshing when compared to the styles of his often pandering competitors, and it produced late night’s most candid, sincere, and enlightening conversations. (His interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu even won a Peabody). For Ferguson, being funny came with the responsibility of being smart; his show never sacrificed serious thought for cheap laughs.
 - on Craig Ferguson leaving Late Night Television - Slate (via awigit)

Anonymous asked:

"Responding to the trolls in the Veronica Mars tag" you do realise that by responding you, in fact, become a troll too? Just let them be they don't know better

fatherjerusalem answered:

I’ve never been a “just let them be” kind of guy.

99.999999% of the Free/Community/Supernatural/Fault in our Stars/Whatever fandom, I have absolutely no problem with. None at all.

I’m not tracking down people in those fandoms and mocking them for losing the stupid MTVU thing. I’m not harassing people in their tags with “Veronica Mars fans are better than you! SUCK IT!” messages. 

There is absolutely no issue between me and them. Live and let live. 

But the 0.0000001% of those fans who are trashing OUR fandom tag can get it. If that makes me a troll, well, that’s a label I’ll have to live with, now won’t I? 

I have no idea what Free is. None. I’m not smack talking it, however, because I am over the age of 12 and know how Google works. 

I don’t have a problem with fans of Free. I don’t have a problem with fans of Community. I don’t have a problem with fans of Supernatural. Or with anything else.

I have a problem with people who need to start riling up shit in fandom tags. And I have a problem with willful ignorance. 

I won’t mock people for simply liking something I don’t.

I will, however, mock people for being assholes.

In other words….